Professional Dog Training in the Atlanta Area

Proven & Positive Dog Training

Dogs are innately curious and eager to learn—we just need to bring out their best potential. We do this with a combination of balanced and positive-based training techniques tailored specifically for your individual situation. Dogs of all ages benefit from our training!

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Our Dog
Training Approach

Does your dog pull the leash? Jump on guests? Refuse to come when you call?

Our training establishes better communication, understanding, and expectations between you and your dog for the most harmonious possible relationship. Our skilled training team uses a combination of balanced and positive techniques to encourage desired behavior in a way that’s comprehensible and rewarding for your pet.

Each of our training programs is designed to meet three primary objectives:

  • Instruct your dog and help them learn important obedience commands and manners habits
  • Show you and your family how to maintain your pet’s new behaviors at home
  • Provide post-program resources and support to ensure lasting success


It all starts with a FREE training evaluation ($79 Value!), a private meeting with a member of our professional training team. We’ll tour our facility, then go over your training goals, needs, and challenges to formulate the best approach for your dog.

Dog Training Programs

Our action-packed Stay and Train programs are designed to produce incredible results in a shorter time frame. During a stay at our resort, your dog will meet with a professional trainer multiple times daily to learn and hone skills according to our customized training program. Each Stay and Train program includes plenty of playtime as well as informational materials and at-home exercises.

What Will My Dog Learn at Stay & Train?

We specialize in helping dogs learn to reliably respond to the most important obedience commands—the first time you give them! This includes:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Place
  • Wait
  • Come
  • Calm leash walking
  • And more!

Is there something specific you’d like to work on with your dog? Let us know at your Free Training Evaluation!

Why is Stay and Train So Effective?

Stay and Train is our favorite dog training method for two reasons: firstly, it leads to excellent results that last. Secondly, it’s fun and enriching for your dog! This unique training experience has several advantages over other training methods such as group classes or in-home lessons:

Solidifies Commands

When your dog works exclusively with one trainer, it’s easy for them to associate commands with the person giving them versus the commands themselves. Our Stay and Train program ensures your pup works with a variety of professionals to help cement expectations in their head, so they’ll be ready to respond to cues given at home.

Perfect Balance

Dogs are a bit like human children—they need a good mix of play and learning to focus and absorb information. We alternate between playtimes and training sessions to ensure your pup gets the chance to spend their energy and have lots of fun before meeting up with their trainer. Come lesson time, they’ll be ready to focus and retain information.

Dedicated Training Environment

At Puppy Haven, we’ve dedicated a part of our facility to training. This enables us to control the distractions your dog will encounter during training. We might introduce food, toys, or other dogs to build their focus and enable them to respond to commands even in the face of distractions—a critical skill for real-world obedience!

Free Training Evaluation for New Clients.
($79 Value!) Ask us for more information!

First-time customers only. Offer must be mentioned for discount to be applied.

Or Fill Out Our
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